Tiderunner Club News     
2012 Club News (N/A)

The club has set the schedule for the new year.  During both of our monthly club meetings we discussed the
minutes from the MBN Executive Board meetings and elected officers for the coming year.   All officers stayed the
same as last year.  Reese is away for school at Penn State and will fish only the summer tournaments this year.   
We are having the Club Dinner at Pappas on Friday, February the 22nd.  Scott is recovering from his back
operation and is hoping to continue with the club this year.  Lets keep our fingers crossed for a full recovery.  The
club has decided that we could use some additional members, but because of the low number of boaters in the
club, we can only add boaters at this time.  If you are interested in fishing in a smaller club with more flexibility, this
is the club for you.  We set our schedules up according to our members availability.  Here's hoping for a much
better "weather year" than last year --- we are all chomping at the bit to get started.

Not much going on in March.  Our club dinner went well at Pappas with the wives.  We had our March club meeting
and went over notes from the MBN meeting and the Southern Region meeting.  Our first tournament of the year
was at Lake Gaston and went well.  Although it was tough to develop a pattern, everyone caught fish each day
out.  Because of the severe weather on Saturday, we decided to fish the tournament on Friday and Sunday, which
worked out well.  Several nice fish were caught with Denis and Walt weighing in fish over 5 lbs.  Chuck and Walt
also caught 4+ pounders.  Because of a death in the Tiderunner extended family, the April 23rd Upper Bay
tournament has been postponed/cancelled.  More to follow next month.

Our April tournament on the Upper Bay was postponed until our make-up date of November 9th.  No tournaments
scheduled for May.  We held our club meetings in May and June.  At the May meeting, we gave out plaques to the
2018 individual tournament winners, Mr. Bass, and second place point finisher.  Chuck was our Mr. Bass and
Denis came in 2nd.  We discussed the Lake Gaston Tournament and all agreed to include the lake in next year's
schedule.  We welcomed Scott back to the fold.  He fished his first tournament in over a year and he seems to be
doing well after fishing the Potomac River Tournament.  It was a short meeting which adjourned after discussing
the Potomac Tournament and an informative discussion on electronics.

At our July meeting, we discussed the upcoming Susquehanna Flats Tournament and the results of the Potomac
River Tournament.  There wern't any MBN or Southern Region minutes to discuss.  We learned that Paul was
going to have to drop out of the club for awhile because of his busy schedule.  We hope that it is only a
temporary leave of absence.  The next tournament isn't until September 7th on the Nanticoke River.  We also
discussed the need to find some new members for the club.