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2012 Club News (N/A)
January / February

The club paid dues to BASS and MBN, set up 2018 schedule, began new member's recruitment, set our annual
banquet date (Feb. 23rd), and discussed MBN, Southern Region and Club news.  One more month of the
off-season and then the fun begins.  If you are interested in joining a smaller club, come check us out.

Several members attended the MBN President's Conference.  We had a new prospective member attend the
March club meeting (Paul August).  At the club meeting, we discussed MBN news and club business.  We
discussed the Lake Gaston Tournament lodging and travel plans.

We held our first tournament on Lake Gaston.  The weather was good for the two practice days, but because of
the up-and-down weather, the fishing was tough.  On Saturday the weather was miserable being cold, windy and
wet.  And again the fishing was tough with everyone catching only a few.  The wind-chill factor on Sunday morning
was 28 degrees and only Steve ventured out.  He caught 3 keepers and lost a big fish and ended up winning the
tournament.  In spite of the tough fishing and bad weather, we all had a great time and will return next year.
At the club meeting, we discussed MBN news from the President's Conference and club business.  Scott Dunlop
informed the club that he would like to go inactive for this year because of health concerns.  He may or may not
fish any of the tournaments this year.  At the meeting, we welcomed Paul August into the club.
Our next tournament is on Susquehanna Flats on May 5th.

We had our second tournament of the year on Susquehanna Flats on May 5th.  A lot of the bigger fish seemed to
have spawned and moved out of the spawning areas, with many in the 14" to just under 15" range.  But, Chuck
found two nice 5 1/2 pounders to win the tournament and lunker with four fish weighing in at 12-13.5.  Denis and
Steve represented the club at the April MBN Executive Board and Southern Region meetings, respectively.  The
club discussed the information brought from those meetings at the club meeting.

Our first June tournament on the Potomac River on the 2nd was cancelled due to unsafe waters because of all of
the debris in the water.  At the June club meeting we discussed information brought by Denis and Walt from the
May MBN Executive Board meeting (cancelled Mr. Bass Tournament, club pairings for upcoming tournaments,
etc.).  The club also discussed the cancelled Potomac Tournament and decided to reschedule the it for November
10th which was the club make-up date.  Our next tournament is on Susquehanna Flats on June 30th.

Two low bite summer tournaments on Susquehanna Flats and the Nanticoke River defined this month.  Reese
going away to Penn State to start his college career and some members being busy or have medical situations has
made it less than a productive summer for the club.  We are looking forward to the fall and starting anew for the
second half of our schedule.  We are also actively looking for a couple of prospective new members with boats.  If
you are interested in joining a club, give Walt a call.  His number is on the roster page.

September was sort of a slow month with only one tournament on the Potomac River.  The tournament was overcast
with downpours on most competitors sometime during the day.  The best fishing was in Mattawoman Creek.
.  Steve
attended the Southern Region meeting and reported back to the club at the club meeting.  At the meeting we also
discussed the information in the MBN Executive Board monthly minutes, and the pairings and muster time of the
October 6th Sassafras River Tournament.   Our other October tournament is at Lake Anna on October 27th out of
Highpoint Marina.