Tiderunner Bassmasters Facts:
- The club is starting it's 33th year as an MBN club

- There are presently 6 members in the club

- There is still one Charter member left in the club

- 3 members have been in the club 20 years or more..

- The club has only missed twelve Southern Region Meetings since it's formation in 1989

- Over the years, the age of club members has ranged from the 20's to the 70's

- The club has had a set of brothers and three different sets of father's and son's as members

- The club has had members from the following professions:
Boat Mechanic and Service Manager
Cable Installer;
Military (Army, Navy and Marines)(5)
Telephone Company Engineer
Auto Service Department (2)
Grocery Management
College Student
TV Camera Man
Record Disk Jockey
Lure Maker (2)
Carpet Installer / store owner
Building Maintenance Supervisor
Furniture Maker
Trucking Dispatcher
Real Estate Appraiser (2)
Truck Driver
Crane Operator
Teaching (3)
Coaching (3)
Sales (several)
Longshoreman (2)
and various members in Construction, Factory, Computer, and Supervisory positions.

- We have members who have come to us from as far away as Colorado and California,
but of the
69 total members that have been in the club:
- 5
4 have been from Anne Arundel County
- 8 have been from Baltimore County
- 2 have been from Prince George's County
- 3 have been from Howard County
- 1 has been from Harford County
- 1 has been from Queen Anne's County
- 19 have been from Pasadena (presently there are 4)

- 6 of our club members or ex-club members have made the State Team (two have made it three times or more)

- We have 5 boats in the club; all being 18' to 21' fiberglass boats with 150 HP to 225 HP engines which
range in speeds from 60 to 75 mph

- Where some of our ex-members are:
- 3 have worked at Bass Pro Shops
- 1 is the Head Football Coach in High School
- a few are in other clubs
- some fish the MBN Tx Trail
- 7 moved out of the state
- a few live on the Eastern Shore
- 1 is attending college
- at least 19 have gotten out of competitive bass fishing all together

- The club has had:
- 4 different Presidents
- 7 different Vice Presidents
- 7 different Sec/Treasurers (plus 9 Secretaries & 2 Treasurers)
- 5 different Tx Chairmen
- 4 different Historians
- 5 different So. Region Representatives (for the year)
- 4 Safety Chairman
- 2 Co-Conservation Chairmen
- 1 So. Region Reporter
- 1 So. Region Secretary
- 1 So. Region Treasurer
- 1 So. Region Director

- The club has fished 13 different bodies of water over the years

- In the 33 years of the club's existence only one member has ever been asked to leave the club

- In the 33 years of club fishing and out of 70 different club members, 10 have been Mr. Bass (1 is active)