Tiderunner Bassmasters Charter & By-Laws


To provide an environment for bass fishermen to participate in a competitive but friendly tournament atmosphere, while
sharing knowledge and experiences to promote camaraderie among fellow members.

To offer a variety of fishing situations and opportunities to help each member become a more proficient bass angler; to
promote good sportsmanship; to preserve and improve our natural resources; to help to preserve our bass fishery; to
provide a link to the bass fishing community.

                                         BY-LAWS, TOURNAMENT AND STANDING RULES

                                 ARTICLE 1


(A)  Any persons desiring membership must be a member in good standing of B.A.S.S., shall complete a membership

application, and shall be sponsored by a current club member. Perspective members must attend club meeting and a
club tournament
during the club tournament season prior to being voted upon for membership. In between club
tournament seasons, perspective members must attend two (2) club meetings before being voted upon for

membership. Two (2) or more “no” votes prevents membership in      the club. New members are subject to a one (1)
year probationary period from the date of being voted into membership with Tiderunner Bassmasters.

(B)  Club members are required to pay annual dues of $120.00, which includes Maryland B.A.S.S. Nation and BASS
dues, and club dues. All dues will be paid in full by the December Club meeting. Club dues for newly  accepted
members shall be prorated monthly ($5.00/month).In addition, new members shall pay a one time initiation fee of
$15.00; in return, new members will be provided with a Club hat.  

(C)  Membership shall be limited to eighteen (18) members, consisting of at least 60% boat owners, as shown in chart
               Members    Boaters    Non-Boaters
                         6                4                2
   7                5                2
   8                5                3
   9                6                3
                       10                6                4
                       11                7                4
                       12                8                4
                       13                8                5
                       14                9                5
                       15                9                6
                       16              10                6
                       17              11                6
                       18              11                7

(D)  Members classified as a boat owner must have a “Tournament Qualified” Bass Boat. A “Tournament Qualified”
Bass Boat is defined as:

       1.  Boat specifically designed for tournament bass fishing, as determined by vote of club membership.

  2.  Boat with a minimum length of sixteen (16) feet.

       3.  No less than 60 horsepower.

       4.  All boats must be equipped with the following required equipment (PFD’s -1 per person), throw device, day and

night signaling devices, sound device, fire extinguisher, navigational lights, anchor, paddle, functional bilge
pump, areated live wells, and a killswitch.

(E)  Inactive Members - A member in good club standing may request a transfer
to Inactive Membership status of up to
one(1) year maximum  for personal reasons.  The status of inactive members shall be reviewed by the club
membership, and may be extended by club vote if warranted. Approval of transfer shall be by a majority vote of club
membership. A member transferring to Inactive status shall not be eligible for refund of paid membership and
tournament fees,  and shall not be listed on the club roster. An Inactive Member may transfer back to active status by
advising the President of his desire to do so. If the transfer to Inactive status and back to Active status occurs in the
same calendar year, member is not required to pay club membership and tournament fees again; if the transfer back to
Active status occurs in a different calendar year, member is required to pay membership and tournament fees on a
prorated basis. Inactive members may fish club tournaments as a Guest. Inactive members are

not eligible for club awards or tournament lunker pot.

                                                                             ARTICLE 2


Meetings are held on the first Monday of each month unless otherwise changed due to schedule conflict.  Attendance

at meetings and scheduled Club tournaments is expected. A quorum is required at Club meetings to conduct Club
business. A quorum is defined as over 50% of Club membership including one (1) officer. Meetings shall be conducted
in an orderly manner.

                                         ARTICLE 3


(A)  PRESIDENT -  Provides the members with leadership and oversee the
Club meetings. Represent the Club to the
MBN.  Presides over nominations and election of new club officers. Appoints committee chairmen and Club
representatives. Maintains   club roster information pertaining to MBN and Bass. Procures door prizes for Club
meetings. Votes on Club matters at the discretion of the Club members. Maintains file of new member applications

(B)  VICE-PRESIDENT -  Presides over matters in the absence of the President or the Tournament Chairman. Club
conservation representative to the MBN. Responsible for public relations functions. Conducts annual audit of Club

(C)  SECRETARY - Takes minutes of Club meetings and handles the Club correspondence. Reports club news to
webmaster for website news updates

(D) TREASURER – Responsible for accounting and disbursements of Club funds. Provides
revenues/disbursements report to President.

(D)  TOURNAMENT CHAIRMAN -  Schedules all tournaments and is responsible for all tournament weigh-in records,
and to provide those records at Club meetings.
 Procures Club trophies and plaques.

Nominations of club officers shall be taken at the November meeting. Nominations may also be made by proxy. Election
of Club officers shall be held at the December meeting.
 Election of Club officers may be made by proxy vote  prior to
said meeting, if a member cannot attend. A quorum must be present for election of Club officers.

                                      ARTICLE 4


(A)  SOUTHERN REGION MEETING REPRESENTATIVE -  Rotated through the club membership. Attends the

Southern Region meetings and provides a report of same at Club meetings. Represents the Club to the Southern
Region for voting purposes.

(B)  CLUB HISTORIAN -  Appointed by the President. Takes Club photos at   Tournaments and activities. Maintains and
distributes members’ address and cell phone information to membership.

(C)  SAFETY DIRECTOR -  Appointed by the President. Responsible for annual and spot safety inspections of boats to
insure compliance with Coast Guard and Club safety requirements. Compiles Club TX Safety Packets.

 WEBMASTER – Appointed by the President. Responsible for maintaining and updating the Club website

                                                ARTICLE 5


(A)  Club members are expected to represent Tiderunner Bassmasters in an ethical and positive manner at all times.
Examples of  unacceptable conduct include, but are not  limited to: unsafe boat operation, lack of boating/fishing
courtesy and sportsmanship, failure to attend meetings, failure to inform the Tournament Chairman and your
partner by the Thursday before a tournament if you cannot attend a scheduled tournament, tournament rules violations,
and failure to abide by fishing and boating regulations.

(B) Any violations by a Club member shall be subject to review by a hearing panel consisting of the Officers and the
Safety Director. Disciplinary action, if warranted, shall be rendered against the guilty member based on the infraction or

                           ARTICLE 6


(A) MR. BASS REPRESENTATIVES -  The Club shall pay the Club Mr. Bass Representatives’ Application Fees to fish
the MBN Mr. Bass tournament.

(B)  TWO DAY TX’S -  On two day trips, 50% of the room expenses of a
Club member forced to fish or room without a
partner will be reimbursed by the other attending members. If a member chooses to fish or room alone, no expenses

will be reimbursed.

                                                                              ARTICLE 7


(A)  TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE -  The schedule will be drafted at the first meeting of the year, and  presented by the
Tournament Chairman at the second meeting for final vote.
 Tournaments will be 8-1/2 hours long; tournament length
may be changed by the Tournament Chairman and President as deemed necessary.

(B)  PARTNER PAIRINGS -  Pairings of boaters and non-boaters will be on a rotation basis as established by the
Tournament Chairman. Boaters without partners may pair up with another boater, fish alone, or bring a guest. Pairings
changes may be made as deemed necessary by the Tournament Chairman. Launch sequence, muster site, and

muster time will also be determined by the Tournament Chairman. Tournament site changes will be determined by club

(C)  ENTRY FEES - Entry fees shall consist of $5.00 per tournament (to Club Treasury).  Entry fees for the year are
paid in advance, and must be paid in full before the first tournament. Entry fees are non-refundable.

(D)  LUNKER POT - Each club tournament will have an $5.00 per participant Lunker Pot,  awarded to the angler who
catches the heaviest fish of the tournament (3 lbs. Minimum). Lunker fees are paid in advance with tournament fees. If
no fish of 3 lbs. or more is caught, the Lunker Pot money rolls over to the next tournament..The Lunker Pot for the last
Club tournament of the year goes to the angler catching the heaviest fish, regardless of weight. If no eligible fish are
caught at the last Club tournament of the year, the Lunker Pot goes to the Club Treasury. Guests are not eligible for
the Lunker pot.

(E)  PLACING -  Placing will be determined by points as established by the Club Tournament Point System.

(F)  EXPENSES -  Individual tournament expenses (in total) will be determined by the boat owner and on-boat partner.  
Each will share 50% of the cost.
(G)  TOURNAMENT CANCELLATIONS -  to be determined by the President and the Tournament Chairman and
announced to members by the night prior to the tournament (if possible).
(H)  Eligible fish must be Black Bass species only.                

               (I)   All size and quantity limits of host state or local jurisdiction shall apply.   Unless otherwise regulated,

measurement shall be from tip of nose to sweep of tail. No fish under twelve (12) inches shall be eligible for Club
tournaments. Each contestant’s smallest fish shall be measured for eligibility. If a contestant weighs in a “short” fish,

the contestant loses his “short” fish and his biggest fish by weight.
               (J)  The Tournament Chairman shall be the judge of fish eligibility (minimum size and lunker.

               (K)  All participants must have all appropriate fishing licenses in effect at time of tournament.

               (L)  The Tournament Chairman or designee will determine adequate (safe) distance between boats during
the “ooze-off” (approx. 15 seconds).

               (M)  The “ramp area”,time of day, and weigh-in time will be announced by the Tournament Chairman to all
tournament anglers prior to “ooze-off”. Anyone determined to be late for weigh-in by the Tournament Chairman will

lose his largest fish. Anyone later than fifteen (15) minutes to the weigh-in will forfeit all fish. There will be a four (4)
ounce penalty for each dead fish weighed in.
               (N)  The first boat on location has the right-of-way. A respectable distance of at least  twenty five (25)  yards  
between boats shall be honored unless agreed upon.
 Observe Common Courtesy!
               (O)  All members must remain at the launch site until all tournament boats are in and accounted for.
               (P)  If a member is fifteen (15) minutes or more late for muster time, the Club will depart for the launch site.
The late member will meet at the launch site, and leave a note on another member’s vehicle windshield prior to launch.

               (Q)  Anyone leaving a Club tournament early due to an emergency shall contact another tournament boater
or leave a note on a member’s windshield prior to departing.

                (R)  CATCH & RELEASE -  All tournament fish must be released after the Weigh-in, unless dead.

       (S)  Life vests must be worn while the gasoline engine is engaged in gear..

     (T)  All fish must be weighed on Club scales

      (U)   Landing nets are permitted
   (V)  All angling must be done from tournament boats

   (W)  No live bait in Club tournaments. Only artificial and prepared pork baits are allowed.

.                (X)  All boats shall be operated in a safe and courteous manner.        

                (Y)  No alcohol or illegal drugs are allowed during Club tournament hours (muster through weigh-in of fish).

                (Z)  Any member voicing a protest of a rules infraction shall present it to the Tournament Chairman by the
end of the tournament weigh-in. The protest shall be reviewed by the Tournament Chairman and the President, and a
decision will be made prior to departing the launch site, if at all possible. In the event the protest is against the
Tournament Chairman or the President, their place(s) shall be taken by the highest Club officer(s) present.

               (AA) All Club members must wear Club hats and Club shirts at blast-offs and weigh-ins for all Club
tournaments and tournaments where they represent the Club.


1.  Starting at 20 points, each participant receives points in descending 1 point increments based on the most weight

2.  Ties for weight share the average of the points for the range of the places they would have covered. (i.e., three-way
tie for 2nd ---19,18,17 would be 18 points for all three finishers).
*NOTE:  This includes ties for participants who did not catch a fish. Their places would start the next
increment down from the last participant who weighed in a fish.

BONUS POINTS - Each participant receives 2 bonus points for each 5 pounds of fish caught per tournament day.


1.  Total of placement points and bonus points for all tournaments fished during the year.
               *NOTE:  You do not get any points for tournaments that you do not fish.

2.  Ties will be broken by using the following order:

        A.  Total weight
        B.  Number of fish caught
        C.  Largest fish
        D.  Highest number of lead finishes (most firsts, then most  seconds, etc.)
        E. Tied (coin flip for fishing “Mr. Bass”)


               1/5/1998              Article 5C:  Changed entry fees from $3.00 (to Treasury) and $2.00 (Lunker Pot) to $5.00
(to Club Treasury) and $5.00 (Lunker Pot).

               7/10/2000            Bylaws reviewed and revised.

               4/28/2001            Charter and Bylaws reviewed and revised.

               4/16/2002            Charter and Bylaws reviewed and revised.

               4/12/2003            Charter and Bylaws reviewed and revised.

    Charter and Bylaws reviewed and revised.

               4/5/2005              Charter and Bylaws reviewed and revised.

               4/3/2006              Charter and Bylaws reviewed and revised.

               8/21/2007            Charter and Bylaws reviewed and revised.

               5/6/2013              Charter and Bylaws reviewed and revised.

               3/15/2015            Charter and Bylaws reviewed and revised.