2017 Club News     
2012 Club News (N/A)

A lot happened in January.  On the negative side, we lost three members.  On the positive side, we completed our
tournament schedule and set-up our annual award's banquet for February 11th at the Sunset Restaurant.  We
have two new officers, Chuck Doran is our tournament director and Norm McCord is our secretary.  Norm and
Chuck will also be fishing the Mr. Bass Tournament, representing the club later in the year.  The other officers are:
President/Treasurer - Walt Lechert; Safety Director/Vice President - Scott Dunlop; Webmaster/Historian - Denis
Schanberger. Since our number of members has dropped, we have decided to accept two new members (a boater
and a co-angler).  If you are interested, please contact Walt Lechert or another member.  Our first tournament of
the year will be at Lake Gaston on April 1/2.
February / March

Nothing much happened in February. In March, the club held our annual club banquet at the Sunset Restaurant
in Glen Burnie.  Because of a mix-up with the restaurant we could not give out our "club awards", so they were
given out at our March meeting. The club will be looking for a new restaurant for next year.  All dues were paid up
at the March meeting.  At the meeting, the club also discussed the Southern Region meeting proceedings, the
MBN Executive Board Meeting minutes, and went over the 2017 schedule.  Our first tournament will be at Lake
Gaston on April 1/2.
April / May

The club now has 8 members.  Two members (Tom and Jeff) will also be fishing on a limited basis this season
because of other obligations.  The club is looking to add a couple of members to bolster our numbers.  The first
tournament of the year was a 2-day held on Lake Gaston.  Chuck won the tournament with a resounding day 2
bag after his rider (Denis) had to stay in because of a back issue.  Chuck finished with over 15 lbs.  Everyone
caught fish and had a great time at Stonehouse Lodge -- the club will definitely be back next year.  The second
tournament was on the Upper Bay out of Tydings Marina.  The tournament was extremely tough with only one
keeper being caught by Walt.  The club has never had a tournament where there were zero fish caught, but this
was a close call, especially after last year's record club catch on the same weekend.  That's what makes this
sport so great --- you never know what's going to happen.
June / July

No tournaments in June and the July tournament on the Upper Bay was postponed until the November raindate
because of high winds (other boats were leaving the ramp).  Some members braved the weather and stayed to
fun-fish and caught a few.  The guys are looking forward to the August Nanticoke tournament which will be the
first one in two months.  Bass fishing, you gotta love it.
August - October

The last half of the year was a little tough with several members not being able to fish because of various family,
work and health situations.  We will hold a make-up tournament (Susquehanna Flats 2) on the Potomac River out
of Fort Washington in November.  We had a prospective new member (Reese Pottinger) attend our October
meeting.  He will be fishing our November Make-up Tournament as a guest.

Our make-up tournament was a chilly one.  Walt won the tournament and had the lunker.  Chuck finished second
and ended up winning Mr. Bass for the second time as the Tournament Director (a feat that had not been done
once in the previous 26 years.  New prospective member Reese Pottinger fished his first tournament with the club
and caught his first tournament fish.  At the November meeting we nominated officers who will be voted on
officially at the December meeting.  Other business at that meeting will include paying the roster dues,
discussions of plaques, any MBN business, 2018 bodies of water and any possible banquet ideas.

At the December meeting we collected dues for 2018, discussed the MBN Board minutes, discussed club
business and voted-in new club member Reese Pottinger.