2016 Club News     
2012 Club News (N/A)

The club lost a member to heavy working conditions for one of it's members (Russ Serpas).  We hope to add a
new member at the February meeting.  We decided on the rivers we are going to fish in 2016: Susquehanna
Flats, Sassafras, Potomac twice, Lake Gaston (2-day), Nanticoke, Rappahannock, and Lake Anna.  Tom will
present the proposed schedule at the February meeting.
February / March

On February 20th we had our annual Tiderunner Award's Banquet.  It was held at the Sunset Restaurant in Glen
Burnie for the second year in a row.  The food and camaraderie were excellent.  Tom Welsh won Mr. Bass and
also won every tournament lunker, but one.  That was won by Walt Lechert and was the lunker for the year.

The club is gearing up for the 2016 tournament season.  Our first tournament is a two-day event at the end of
the month on lake gaston.  Most of the club members will be going down for four days and stay at Stonehouse
Timber Lodge in North Carolina.

Our Lake Gaston Tournament was a great success.  The fishing was off on the whole lake because of released
muddy water from Kerr.  It was the first time any of us can remember the whole lake being muddy.  In spite of the
low catch rate, Steve Garvey and Walt Lechert brought in limits the first day.  New member, Norm McCord,
managed to bring in a limit the second day.  Steve ended up winning the tournament with a weight of 9-05.5.  
Norm came in a close second with a weight of 9-04.5.  Everyone enjoyed the trip despite the slow fishing and we
will definitely return next year.  

On April 24th the club had their best tournament since the club's been in existence.  Susquehanna Flats was on
fire.  The club set a record with 110 lbs and 3 ozs.  Two members had to go home early, so the weight was for 8
anglers.  The average weight/man was 11-00 with Andy Smith bringing in a bag of 24-8.5 (second best in club
history) and Chuck Doran weighing in 21-11 for second place (Chuck presently holds the club record of 24-10
which also occurred on The Flats).  The average weight/fish was 4-04.  That's what keeps bringing us back!
May / June

Here we are in June and Andy leads the pack. He is being chased closely by Walt and new member Norm
McCord.  Watch out Andy!  The next tournament isn't until August on the Nanticoke River.  A Deleware License
is required north of the ramp.  Several club members will be going to Lake Oneida in June.  July will be a wash
with some members going on vacation and no tournaments scheduled.

On a side note, Walt has new dual Talons on his Basscat and they look great.

This was quiet month for the club.  You know how it can be, vacations, other tournaments and family outings.  But,
not to worry,  we have the Nanticoke and Lake Anna coming up in August.  Stay tuned!

Hello folks, August is over.  Nanticoke was hot and had an unfavorable tide.  Lake Anna was hot with boats, skiers
and ski-doos ruling the water.  Not a good time for that lake.  Just think, fall is here and it is that time to catch fish,
whether they be smallmouth or largemouth. Coming up in September is the mighty Sassafras.

The only tournament in September was on the mighty Sassafras River.  The conditions for a tournament were
good, but the bite was tough for some of the guys.  Almost everyone caught fish, but the numbers weren't great.
Tom Welsh managed to bring four to the scales for a winning total of 8-11.5.  Newcomer Norm McCord pressed
him with a second place weight of 8-02.5.  Denis Schanberger had the lunker at 4-05.  Andy Smith stayed in the
race for Mr. Bass with a 5th place weight of 5-06.5.  October will have two tournaments in it to round out the
season.  The Mr. Bass race is getting down to 3 or 4 guys.

The first tournament of the month was on the Potomac River.  Steve Garvey finished in first with a weight of
10-11, but the Mr. Bass race stayed tight with Andy coming in second and Norm and Walt finishing 3rd and 5th,
respectively.  This tournament followed on the heels of Steve and Norm's first place finish in the Southern Region
Tournament on the Potomac earlier in the month.  The last tournament of the year was scheduled for the
Rappahannock River, but was changed by the club to the Potomac River at the muster site.  Again, it was a tight
finish with Norm coming in first with 9-15, and Walt and Andy coming in 4th and 5th, respectively.  Denis and Norm
had 19+ lbs in their boat.  With Norm's strong finishes in the last two tournaments, he edged out Walt for second
place in the Mr. Bass race.  Andy, with a strong lead, finished first as Mr. Bass.

The off-season is upon us and it's planning time.  The club is going to have their award's banquet at the Sunset
Restuarant in Glen Burnie sometime in the month of February.  The officers and Tournament Director for 2017
will remain the same: Walt - president/treasurer; Scott - vice-president/safety director; Arnett - secretary; Tom -
Tournament Director.  The schedule for 2017 will be decided on at the January club meeting and then posted on
this website