2015 Club News    

It has been a busy winter for Tiderunner.  We lost Jimbo, for a while, as he works his new job.  But, we gained
three new boater members in Arnett Dorsey, Steve Garvey and Russ Serpas.  Steve just purchased a nice used
Ranger and although Russ presently owns a bass boat, he is looking at buying a Skeeter.  Our annual award
banquet had to switch locations since Gunnings went out of business.  The club decided to go to the Sunset
Restaurant in Glen Burnie this year and it was a great success.  Everyone enjoyed the food and the staff was
great.  Tom Welsh took top honors as our Mr. Bass just edging out second place finisher, Andy Smith, for the
title.  We were looking forward to our first tournament on the Potomac River in April, but it was postponed
because of bad weather and will be rescheduled.

Our first tournament of the year was held on the Potomac River out of Fort Washington.  It was tough fishing for
everyone except Scott who won with a limit of 14-00.5 lbs.  Denis came in second with 3 fish for 8-00 lbs.  The
rest of the club could only scare up 4 more fish.  Congrats to Scott.  As for the rest of us, at least the weather
wasn't too bad.  That's why they call it fishing, not catching.  Our next tournament is on the Upper Bay out of
Tyding's Marina on May 9th.  As always, we are optimistic.

The second tournament of the year was held on the Upper Bay out of Tyding's Marina.  With all but one member
fishing, everyone was optimistic.  For most of the guys the day started off with a decent bite, but then slowed as
the tide rose.  The bad news was that the bite was slow, but the good news was that the fish were mostly good
size.  Tom and Denis ended up with 32+ pounds out of Tom's boat, with Tom winning the tournament with a
16-09.5 bag.  Denis had 4 fish for 15-13.5 and 2nd place.  Dickie finished 3rd with 15-09 and Walt came in 4th
with 12-08, including the lunker for the day of 5-07.5.  Almost everyone caught fish, but the bite was tough for
some.  The question that everyone was asking was "where's the grass".  It's there, but tough to find.

Our next tournament is on the Potomac River on June 13th, out of Fort Washington.  Everyone again will be
looking for that grass.

Not a whole lot going on in the summer with vacations and such.  Andy won the June 13th tournament on the
Potomac River out of Fort Washington with 11+ pounds to move up in the standings.

The July 25th tournament on Susquehanna Flats was a tough one with only 7 fish caught.  Tom won with 2 fish for
6-13.5 pounds.

During the two month, two tournament span of time, Denis saw his 10 point lead for first place slip from 10 points to
1 1/2 points with Tom breathing down his neck.  The race is heating up with 6 guys within 8 points of one another.

Our next tournament is on August 22nd on the Flats again.  We hope to do better this time.  Summer fishing, you
gotta love it --- you know the pros will do well.

Tom Welsh won again on the Susquehanna Flats.  Tournament number 3 on the flats was held on August 22nd
and was another tough one, with Tom bringing in two fish for 5-11.  And of course, another winning lunker that
weighed 3-05.  Walt finished a close second with 5-03.  Only 9 fish were caught between 8 anglers -- and it was

After cancelling one Potomac tournament, we had to postpone the September tournament until Wednesday,
October 7th.  Of course their was a big tournament going out of Smallwood, so the launch site was changed to
Fort Washington Marina.

Tom Welsh won again!  This time on the Sassafras River with a weight of 17-09 for the best stringer of the year.  
Walt Lechert came in second with a 12-13 limit and Scott Dunlop was just behind him with four fish weighing 12-05.  
The remaining five club competitors only managed one fish between them -- a 3-01 by Andy Smith.

Our Mr. Bass for 2015 is Tom Welsh who beat out Walt Lechert by six points.   Congrats to Tom and Walt for their
years, and good luck representing the club at the next Mr. Bass Tournament.
 Tom also won most of the lunkers
for the year (6 out of 7), except the "lunker for the year", which was a 5-07.5 bass weighed in by Walt.

Overall, this was a very tough year for the club and we are definitely hoping for a better year next year.  We will
have nominations for club officers at the upcoming November club meeting.

The club held a "fun team tournament" at Lake Anna in November.  Six members participated and we all had a
great time. The members that went were Tom, Denis, Scott, Steve, Andy and Arnett.  We elected officers for
2016 at the December meeting and the only changes are Tom as Tournament Director and Arnett as Secretary.  
The club banquet will be held at the Sunset Restaurant in Glen Burnie on February 20th at 6 pm.