2014 Club News    

Tiderunner Bassmasters hopes that everyone will have a great New Year.  With 2014 upon us, fisherman from all
around will hope to capitalize on that one resolution of catching the big one.  Good luck to everyone!  We
accomplished a lot at our club meeting, starting with the executive board minutes.  We discussed the youth bass
program within the state of Maryland, the creation of the spawner's club, blue catfish being an invasive species to
our homeland tidal waters, sponsorship for MBN members, and the SQT, PVA, and Mr.Bass tournament dates.  
For a reminder to MBN members, the bull roast is coming up on February 15th.  It's going to be a good time!   
Some of our members are planning to attend the festivities.  Hope to see you there! February 8th is the
comfirmed date for our awards banquet at Gunning's Restaurant.  Plaques will be given out, hors d'oeuvres will
be served, and we will be accompanied by family/friends.  Our dates for the 2014 tournament season has been
finalized!  They have been updated to our website.  One of our members (Mike Benefeil) has been voted to
inactive membership status this year due to his upcoming fatherhood.  Congrats in advance, Mike!  We will miss
you on our tournament trail.  And as always, it's good to get out on the water with good friends!

Cabin Fever has set in as the winter storms covers the east coast with a blanket of snow and sleet.  As this month
is turning into the next, we are ready to uncover that blanket and clean out our gear for another great upcoming
year.  For starters, we had a great ending for 2013 at our awards banquet held at Gunning's Restaurant.  Service
was great, the food was delicious, and family with friends joked and laughed together as the awards were given
out.  On the 3rd of February we had our monthly meeting.  Walt presented the Southern Region meeting report,
as well as the Executive Board minutes.  We discussed topics about the MBN Spawner's Club and their fees (on
the MBN website), new member postings (also on the MBN website), conservation (the development around
Mattawomen Creek), Maryland State Team doing public service, and other topics.  New business within our club:
we have voted to
not look for new members this year; work on specifics for possibly changing some muster sites;
and make the transaction between boater and non-boater smoother for everybody to-and-from each tournament.
We believe in safety and teamwork.  As our members believe, we are greatful to get out on the water with good

It’s time for March Madness, and we are not talking about the NCAA tournament trail.  We are talking about the
beginning of the tournament trail for our club!  Or so we thought.  With winter lagging on longer than everyone
has expected, Tiderunner has voted to push back our first tournament in March to November.  So our first
tournament will be April 5th out of Fort Washington.  Anxiety grows as we wait for the weather to cooperate.  Our
club meeting went smooth with Walt presenting the executive board minutes and the southern region minutes.  
Conservation, the Spawners Program, youth programs, club membership, club dues, and upcoming MBN
tournaments were all discussed.  As for our club we went over the fine details on muster times and places,
upcoming dates for the tournaments, and regulated the time for the boater's safety check.  With everything
coming together, we are expected to have another great year!  And as always, it’s great to get out on the water
with good friends.

Spring fling is finally here!  While some of us are headed to the islands, others fling to the water.  The weather is
starting to break and bass are starting to spawn.  It's finally time for our club members to dust off the cob webs.  
We got out on the water on April 5th for our Potomac 1 tournament out of Fort Washington.  Even tough the ice
has melted the bass were just starting to stage.  Fishing was tough, but some of our members pulled out a
winning bag.  Jeff established lunker with a beautiful 5 lb 6 oz. bass.  Denis clinched first with 4 bass weighing in
at 7 lb and 1 oz.  And Scott slid into 2nd with 5 lb 10 oz.  You can view the final results on our website.  As for the
club meeting, Walt presented the MBN Executive Board minutes.  Wildlife conservation, MBN funds, youth
program, and invasive species were a few of the topics discussed.  We also confirmed the muster point and place
for our upcoming tournament in May.  Good luck to all of our members!  And as always, it's great to get out on the
water with good friends.  Lunkers on!  

As a new month rolls around, so does another tournament.  The month of May might bring on the showers, but
Scott brought down the rain, coming in first in the second tournament of the year.  However, Tom brought down
the thunder with lunker of 3lb and 13 oz.  Fishing the mighty Potomac River brought its challenges.  The hardest
part was finding clear water.  The river was coffee stained with debis floating everywhere.  Most of us hung
around back coves trying to escape the wind, pitching cover, and ripping rattle traps.  It seems the bass were just
starting to stage for spawn.  Barely any aquatic vegetation was growing.    The bite was best early morning, and
slowed down towards the end of the day.  At our club meeting we went over the MBN Executive Board minutes.  
We discussed the new invasive species of blue cats which can get gigantic and will eat just about any fish in the
river.  MBN and the DNR are setting up programs to help educate us better on this upcoming problem.  We also
went over the finances, youth programs, and scheduling for our upcoming tournaments.  Our next tournament will
be June 21st on the Susquehanna River.   We are also proud of two members (boater Tom and rider Walt) whom
attended this year's Mr. Bass tournament.  An action packed month it’s been.  It’s always great to get out on the
water with good friends.

As the heat rises and temperatures swing, midsummer is under way.  And so is our tournament season.  Battling
it out on the mighty Susquehanna River on June 21st.  Going into our 3rd tournament of the year, no one has
taken a commanding lead in the overall standings.  The tallies are close and it is anyone’s game.  Andy and Tom
took the lead from Scott coming in the top of the group.  Andy with a lunker of 4 lbs and 13 oz. and Tom with 18
lbs 7oz to claim first.  Jeff came in 3rd with a total weight of 14 lb 12 oz.  The overall standings can be viewed on
our website.  As for the monthly club meeting,  Denis and Walt went over the regional and executive board
minutes.  Deliberation on the hot topics of conservation, tournament results, and funds were brought up.  New
business of the next tournament was finalized, as we focus on our next trip to the Potomac River.  As always, it’s
great to get out on the water with good friends.

The Polar Vortex has come our way, and the temperatures are supposed to cool us down.  Or so we thought.  
Going into our fourth tournament this year (Potomac River), the day was cool, but the afternoon was hot.  Fishing
was tough, although a few of us culled in a limit of 5 largemouth bass.  It took patience and perseverance, but
Walt came in first with 13 lb 2 oz.  Andy had the lunker of 3 lb 3.5 oz.  Many of us hung around the cove of the
boat ramp on Mattawomen Creek while some went north to Greenway Flats.  Despite the heat, we had fun.  We
had no Southern Region meeting for this session, but Walt went over the Executive Board minutes and Denis
confirmed the details.  New news; one of our members requested to go inactive status due to working conditions.
We will miss you Bill until you come back.  As of right now, we are down to 8 members.  The remaining part of the
meeting we discussed topography.  Certain coves and channels, helping each other stay safe out on the water.  
Also we talked about the use of a chatterbait with different retrieves/uses for the anglers presentation in the
water.  We had an exciting and educational meeting for all of us.  For our club members, Denis and Andy, we
wish you all good luck up on Lake Oneida.  They will be fun fishing for smallmouth bass towards the end of the
month.  And don’t forget, it’s great to get out on the water with good friends!

It’s the end of Summer, and a short break in our tournament season.  We have decided as a club to take a break
and sweat this month out.  For the humidity of August never failed us each year.  Some of our members fish other
venues, some go on vacation,  but most of us still get out on the water to cast our lines.  The club meeting was
short.  Budgeting, conservation, youth programs, were all brought to our attention and discussed concerning the
MBN.  The upcoming tournament was addressed.  We are headed back to the mighty Susquehanna River in the
middle of September;  It’s time to swing back into action!  As always, it’s great to get out on the water with good

Do you wanna fish the Susquehanna!  Yes we do; our club headed up there for the 5th tournament this year on
September 20th.  It was tough!  Only two members caught fish.  Tom came in first and had lunker with one fish
weighing in at 4 lb and 2 oz.  Walt was second place, while the others skunked out with zero fish.  Determination,
patience, and being in the right place at the right time was this day’s key factor.  Our club meeting was productive,
discussing topics from the MBN, and news from our members.  We went over the previous tournament and
gearing up for the next couple.  October will keep us busy.  We will be having two tournaments.  One will be on
the Potomac and the other on the Sassafras River.  Should be a good time.  And as always, it’s great to get out
on the water with good friends!

Fall is officially on as we head into this month.  The leaves are turning colors, the temperature is dropping, and
the bass are starting to feed.  However, fishing has been rough on the reputation of the Potomac.  With our 6th
tournament in full swing, only 3 members caught fish.  Andy with an unbelievable weight of 15 lb 6.5 oz. came in
first and Denis was right behind him with an even 7 lbs.  Andy's secret was the chatterbait.   The location, well
that’s still a secret.  Or should we say he headed up a creek!  Two weeks after the Potomac, we hit up the
Sassafras River for our 7th tournament.  This proved to be just as tough as the Potomac.  With only 2 members
catching fish.  First place was Scott with 13lbs 6 oz. and also lunker with a whopping weight of 5 lbs 14 oz!  Slow
rolling the spinnerbait on the drop off’s of structure was the ticket.  Well done Scott for finding the pattern.  Our
club meeting this month was in full attendance.  We went over topics from the MBN, rules and regulations for a
possible new member, tournament standings, and upcoming tournaments for our club.  We also had a big
discussion on the SQT and its qualifying round.  As for November, it’s time for election of our club officers, and
nominations will take place.  We are looking forward to our last tournament in the beginning of November.  The
fight between first and second place is only half a point!  It should be an action packed day!  And as always,
it’s great to get out on the water with good friends.

November fishing is underway as Tiderunner Bassmasters enters its final tournament of the year!  It’s a close
race for our club’s Mr. Bass with half a point between 1st and 2nd place!  The tournament was held on the
Potomac River, but due to severe weather on the launch date, we had to reschedule for the next weekend.  
Tensions were high, and the anglers were itching as the weigh-in began.  Tom swooped the field with a lunker of
4 lbs 8 oz!  Which secured his position over Andy for this year’s Mr. Bass.  The key to his success was slow rolling
a spinnerbait through the grass.  Congrats to Tom.  Second place for this month’s tournament went to Dickie, who
brought in two nice bass.  It’s been a tough year on the water, but the members pulled in some beauty’s
throughout the season.  On the flip side, our club meeting went well.  We are working on next year’s tournament
schedule, the executive board member nominations, and discussed the executive board minutes from Maryland
Bass Nation Executive Board meeting.  And as always, it’s great to get out on the water with good friends!

It’s nomination month and our club is finalizing the electoral votes for next year’s executive positions as well as
voting for MBN positions.  Denis is working out next year’s tournament schedule, gathering up the dates of events
to schedule our tournaments around.  We are also focusing on the upcoming Tiderunner Bassmaster’s awards
banquet, and the annual bull roast presented by MBN.  At the club meeting, Walt went over the club notes and
executive board minutes.  Club news chairman, Jim Criswell, is taking an inactive membership for the upcoming
year, and Arnett Dorsey is officially a new member of Tiderunner Bassmasters.   Chuck Doran is returning from a
year of being an inactive member.  He is recovering from a boat accident where he broke his neck.  We hope that
he will be back to fishing with us in a short period of time. As we look back on the great year and times our club
has had out on the water, from the Susquehanna to the Potomac, it’s still great to get out on the water with good
friends.  Merry Christmas from the club.