The club has finalized it's 2011 tournament schedule: 1) April 9th - Potomac River (Fort Washington);
2) April 30th - Susquehanna Flats (Tyding's Marina); 3) May 21st - Potomac River (Smallwood State Park);
4) June 25th - Potomac River (Fort Washington); 5) August 20th - Nanticoke River (Sharptown); 6) September
17th - Wicomico River (Salisbury); 7) October 15th - Potomac River (Smallwood State Park); 8) October 29th -
Rappahannock River (Hick's Landing). The club welcomed two prospective members, Mike Benefiel and Jim
Criswell, to the February meeting. Presently, we are preparing for our annual award's banquet on Saturday,
February 19th at Hella's Restaurant in Millersville. Next month we will be going over our bylaws looking for any
changes that might need to be made at this time. Everyone seems to be getting cabin fever.


The bylaws seem to be intact as there were no changes for the upcoming season. Unfortunately, Leonard
Catterson had to drop back out of the club for personal reasons. Mike Benefiel and Jim Criswell were voted into
the club and we anticipate that they will be great members. We are gearing up for our first tournament which will
be on the Potomac River out of Fort Washington Marina on April 9th. Most of the members ordered new shirts for
the coming season. See you on the water.


The club fished it's first two tournaments of 2011. On April 9th we kicked the season off with a tournament on the
Potomac out of Fort Washington. The day was a mixed bag, but Mike, Scott, Walt and Denis managed to bring in
double digit limits. Denis and Mike fished out of the same boat and had 29+ lbs. between them. Mike won first
place with a 15-10.5 bag and Scott brought in a lunker of 4-10.5. The club's second tournament was on
Susquehanna Flats out of Tydings Marina. It was a tough day with many boats on the water and bad water
conditions. The river was draining cold muddy water down onto the flats and good water was at a premium and
hard to find. Some boaters found them and loaded up while most struggled. Chuck was one of the lucky one's
that found good water and brought in five fish weighing 14-12, one of which was the lunker of the tournament at
4-07.5. Walt, Denis and Jim caught the only other four fish. Denis had an anxious day, losing an hour of fishing
time getting a Rattle Trap hook out of his thumb. The next tournament is back on the Potomac on May 21st, but
this time we will be going out of Smallwood.


The club fished it's 3rd tournament of the year on the Potomac River out of Smallwood State Park on May 21st.
There were several other tournaments launching from the park that day and the fishing was crowded as usual, but
some guys managed to find the keeper fish. Dickie Whitacre stuck with it in Chicamuxen Creek and won with
12-14.5. He said that he had to throw to the same spot five or six times before he would get a bite. Chuck Doran,
who was struggling to catch any keeper fish all morning, found a stretch of grass close to the ramp after 12:30 that
yielded him 19 fish. He came in a close second with a bag weighing 12-10. Dickie also won the lunker pot with a
fish weighing 3-07.5. The other eight members only could find a total of nine keepers on a tough day for the club.
We would like to welcome back new member Tom Welsh to the club. Tom is a returning member after several
years of leaving the club to concentrate on the BFL Tournament Trail. The next club tournament is on the Potomac
River out of Fort Washington on June 25th.


Because of member vacations the only tournament scheduled in these two months was the Potomac River 3
Tournament on June 25th. The fish were on for this tournament with everyone catching a limit for a total of 45 fish
brought in for a weight of over 95 pounds. The best bite was early in the day. Scott Dunlop took first with 15-01.5,
mostly out of Broad Creek. Roy Bolling, who also fished there, captured the biggest fish of the day at 4-09. The
club welcomed back another old member, Roy Bolling. Roy had formed another club for a few years, but decided
that it was time to return to the fold. This brings the membership to 11. The club has decided to stay at this
number for now, but things could change in the future.


As in the last two months, there was only one tournament in August because of member vacations. It was held on
the Nanticoke River on the 20th. It was the worst tide possible which made for an extremely tough day of fishing.
No one could manage a limit, but Scott Dunlop figured them out enough to win his second tournament in a row.
He brought in four keepers for a winning weight of 6-06. No one caught a fish over 3 pounds so our Lunker pot
was rolled-over to the next tournament. Our next tournament is on the Wicomico River on September 17th.


Walt Lechert won his first tournament of the year by squeezing by Denis Schanberger by four and a half ounces
on the Wicomico River. Walt worked hard all day down river and then caught a few fish up-river near the end of
the day to pull out the victory with a winning weight of 7-11.5. The next to last tournament of the year was won
by Chuck Doran on the Potomac River out of Smallwood State Park. It was a very windy day with winds gusting
up to thirty mph. Chuck stuck with a grass bed that was getting the brunt of the wind and ended up with a
winning weight of 12-13. As it turned out, this tournament ended up giving Chuck the "Mr. Bass" award. The
last tournament on the Rappahannock River was cancelled because of severe weather. Chuck and Scott
Dunlop ended up tied for the club lead, but Chuck won "Mr. Bass", winning the first tie-breaker by having caught
the greater number of bass for the year.

The club nominated officers for next year and will start planning for our winter awards banquet.

Winter (Nov-Feb)

The club had to say goodbye to Roy Bolling who had to leave the club because of a work situation -- he will be
missed. The club will be holding their winter awards banquet at Gunning's Restaurant in Hanover on
Saturday, February 4th at 7pm. We also have a group going to the MBFN Bullroast on February 12th. The
club's 2012 tournament schedule is out and can be found with the link on the front page of this site. We are
having 8 tournaments, all in-state to help keep the expenses down for the year. A few of us are taking a trip
south for the big Greentop sale and possibly to the Richmond Expo on January 21st. We are looking toward
the President's Conference and our first tournament on the Potomac in mid-March.

Club officers for 2012: President - Walt Lechert; Vice President - Dickie Whitacre; Treasurer - Walt Lechert
Secretary - Mike Benefiel; Tournament Director - Denis Schanberger