2009 News
November/December 2009

The club lost a member and now is down to the solid six.  Everyone now has been in the club for six years or more
with most over nine.  Dickie Whitacre was elected to secretary for 2010.  All other positions continue to be held by
the same members as in 2009.  We are looking forward to our club banquet in February at Chuck's house.
September/October 2009

Dickie and Chuck continued to battle it out for Mr. Bass with Dickie taking first place and Chuck second on the
Potomac River Tournament in September.  Dickie had 12-06.5 and Chuck had 10-14.  In the October Sassafras
Tournament, Dickie and Chuck came in second and third, respectively, while Walt won it with 5-13.  The
tournament was a miserable time with cold and windy rain all day.  The tournament was shortened to a half day.  
Dickie ended up narrowly winning Mr. Bass over Chuck by a mere three points.  Walt and Denis finished a distant
third and fourth.
July/August 2009

No tournaments in July, but several members took fishing trips north.  Denis and Dickie fished out of Camp Bay
Cottages on Big Gull Lake in Ontario, Canada;  and Chuck went to Lake Champlain in August.  
Check the home
page for a link to Denis and Dickie's Canada pictures

Our only tournament was on the Nanticoke River on August 29th.  It was a muggy day, but the fish seemed to be
cooperative. There were four limits caught over seven pounds -- not bad for the Nanticoke.  Denis won with a
weight of 8-14.5 and a small lunker of 2-13.  He fished up past Seaford, Delaware for most of the day.  All of the
fish were caught on either a mojo rig or a 4" power worm.  Dickie came in second with 8-08 fishing in the
Marshyhope.  He caught fish all day fishing mostly the pads with a popper and a jig.
June 2009

The third tournament of the year on the Potomac was the charm.  Everyone caught a lot of fish and all, but one,
came in with a limit.  Chuck Doran, Denis Schanberger and Walt Lechert all came in with 14 lb+ bags with Chuck
easing out Denis and Walt by two and four ounces, respectively, with a 14 lb 11.5 oz total.   Denis won the big fish
with a 4 lb 13.5 oz lunker.  July and August will be slow for club action because of vacations.  Denis is going back
to Canada in July for smallmouth with Dickie, and Chuck is going to do the same at Lake Champlain in August.  
The rest of the club will be fishing somewhere.  Our next tournament will be on the Nanticoke on August 29th.  
Have a nice summer and if you want to join a club that's serious about it's bass fishing, but in a friendly,
unpressured atmosphere, Tiderunner is looking for a few guys like you.
April - May 2009

The actual first tournament for the club on the Potomac was a miserable one for weather.  It was cold, wet and
windy.  Everyone got soaked and the front that came through brought "tough fishing" with it.  Members who had
been catching fish earlier had to work extra hard in order to scratch out a few good fish; and several did not catch
a keeper.  Scotty Outen won it with three fish for 9 lbs  7.5 ozs and a 4 lb 10.5 oz lunker.  He ran down to
Mattawoman Creek rather than stay in the Fort Washington area.  The second tournament on Susquehanna Flats
was much better, weather wise, but the fishing was tough for all except Dickie Whitacre and Chuck Doran who
both came in with four keepers.  Dickie whipped everyone with a 14 lb  3.5 oz bag that he caught fishing a jig in
the area around the bridges.
February - March 2009

The last two months have not been good to Tiderunner.  The second longest standing member in the club, Mark
Wilhite, had to ask to go on a one year inactive status for personal reasons.  Hopefully, it will only be for one year.  
Mark has been a great member for 18 years.  The club's first tournament, a 2-day, on Falls Lake, North Carolina,
had to be cancelled because of the threat of tornadoes on the first day of the scheduled tournament.  Most of the
members were in North Carolina practicing and two were on the way when the decision was made.   The lure of big
fish keep us going back to Falls Lake, but fog, snow and driving rain over the years have made it very problematic.
January 2009

The club held it's annual Club Banquet at Chuck and Paula Doran's house on January 31st.  The club thanks them
for being so generous as to lend us their house for the evening.  The night went well with everyone bringing food
and drink.  We had a great spread with the usual dips, salads, veggies, chips and sodas.  We also outdid
ourselves with ribs, venison meatballs, spicy cheeseburger soup, mule deer and antelope roasts (compliments of
Walt's hunting trip out west) and smoked turkey.  Needless to say, we didn't eat it all.   A CD slide show was
presented by the Club Historian which everyone watched while enjoying an evening of cameraderie and
conversation.  Later in the evening the Tournament Director and the Vice President presented the plaques won by
the various members during the year.  This year it was the "Chuck Doran Show", since he won all but three of the
eleven plaques presented.  He won five individual tournaments (actually, the first five in a row), the "Mr. Bass"
award, the "Lunker" award and the "Heavy Stringer" award.  Chuck had a great year, no doubt, but the rest of us
put him on notice that it will not be that easy this year (or so we hope?).