2008 News
December 2008

The club's first tournament was held on the Potomac out of Smallwood Park.  Chuck Doran and Mark Wilhite did
a basic "round-and-round" out in front of the ramp area near Grinder's Wharf fishing the large grass bed there.  
Chuck won the tx with 11lbs 11ozs fishing mostly Senkos and Baby Brush Hogs while Mark came in third with
4lbs 2.5ozs.   Walt Lechert secured second with a weight of 8lbs 6.5ozs.

Our next tournament in April was on the Susqehanna Flats.  Weather was unpredictable but that didn't seem to
matter to Chuck Doran. He just put his mind to the task of catching fish and not looking back. With an
overwhelming 5 fish catch weighing a whopping 24lb 10oz, Chuck won the Tx. He also had lunker for the day of
5lb 7.5oz.  In a distant second, Walt Lechert finished with 3 fish weighing 7 lb 13.5oz. In third place was Dickie
Whitacre with 1 fish weighing 3lb 13.5oz.  

Next on the agenda was the good old Potomac River. As we all know, anything can happen on this river. But as
things change, some things just stay the same. Chuck Doran once again finished first with 5 fish weighing 20lb
8.5oz.  He also had lunker for the day. Finishing in second place was Scott Dunlop with 3 fish weighing 8lb
14.5oz. Walt was a close third also with 3 fish weighing 8lb even.

Skipping May all together, we headed into June wondering if Chuck could keep up the staggering pace he set
through the first 4 Tx's. Everyone was wondering what it would take to beat this guy. Well, everyone would have
to put that thought on hold for a while because he did it again. With 5 fish weighing 12lb 14.5oz, Chuck came in
first for the fifth time in a row. He also had lunker for the Tx with a 3lb 12.5oz fish.  In second place was Denis
Schanberger also with 5 fish weighing 10lb 4.5 oz. Third went to Dickie Whitacre with 4 fish weighing 7lb 11oz.
At this point, Chuck seems to be running away from the pack.

In July, we fished the Nanticoke River. It was a typical yet uneventful summer day. Scott Dunlop was the only
one able to catch a limit that day and he finished first with 5 fish weighing 9lbs even. He also had lunker for the
day at 4lb 6.5 ounces. In second was Walt Lechert with 4 fish weighing 6 lb 13.5 ounces. Close behind finishing
third was Dickie Whitacre with 3 fish weighing 5 lb 1.5 ounces.

Our next tounament was a wash. We shared our Tx date with Hurricane Ike and Ike won. We didn't fish.

Moving on to our final Tx at the beginning of November, we fished the Sassafras River. After 3-4 days of
miserable fall weather, we caught a break with mild temperatures and a sunny day. Dickie Whitacre took
advantage and finished first with 5 fish weighing 8 lb 5.5 ounces. It was the only limit of the day. A distant
second was our newest member of our club Scott Outen weighing in 3 fish for 3lb 10 ounces. Third place went
to Walt Lechert w/ 2 fish weighing 3lb 4.5 ounces.  Lunker for the day was caught by Scott Dunlop with a fish
weighing 3 lb 1 ounce.

The Wicimico Tx was never rescheduled due to conflicts. Our club is currently in the process of electing new
officers for 2009 and we look forward to the upcoming Tx year.

                                         Mark Wilhite / VP Tiderunner Bassmasters
November 2008

Our last tx on the Sassafras was a tough one.  After several days of rain, cold nights and then wind, the fish went
deep and got tight lipped.  Dickie Whitacre figured them out and caught them by downsizing and by being
persistent.  The big fish didn't bite, but he managed to bring in the only limit of the day at 8lbs 5.5ozs.  Scott
Dunlop got one bite all day, but it proved to be big enough to win lunker at 3lbs 1oz.

Mr. Bass for the year is Chuck Doran with a total weight of 81lbs 10ozs and 186 points.  He won the first 5
tournaments of the year and built an unsurmountable lead.  His top tournament was on Susquehanna Flats
where he had an incredible bag of 24lbs 10ozs.  Congratulations to Chuck on a great year.

Topics discussed at the November meeting:  MBFN bullroast; club banquet at Chuck's house; officer
nominations; Southern Region minutes; dues for 2009; prospective new member in attendance.
August-October 2008

Not much has happened in the last two and one-half months.  We didn't have a tournament scheduled for
August and our September 6th Wicomico Tournament was cancelled due to hurricane Ike.  Our next tournament
is scheduled for November 1st on the Sassafras River.
April-July 2008

It's been a Chuck Doran season so far.  He has won 5 of the first 6 tournaments while setting several club
records.  On the Upper Bay he had a club record 24 pounds 10 ounces.  His five first place finishes in a row is
also a club record.  He is two points away from breaking an eight-tournament season record of 171 points.  
Several other weight records are also in jeopardy.  Our next tournament is on the Wicomico River on August 23rd.

We lost a member and gained another keeping our membership at eight.  Our new member is Scott Outen and
he runs an Astro with a 200 Merc on the back.
March 2008

The club had it's first tournament on March 30th on the Potomac River.  The day started off fairly nice, but as the
day wore on it got cold and breezy and the bite got tougher and tougher.  Out of the seven members fishing only
twelve fish were caught and Chuck Doran caught five of them to finish in first place with 11 lbs 11 ozs.  He fished
in a few areas, but caught most of his fish in one spot that he worked hard most of the day.  Walt Lechert came in
second with 8-06.5 and he also had the lunker at 4-03.5.  He fished one spot all day long while putting up with
boat traffic pounding him throughout the day.  Everybody else rode back and forth throughout the day trying to
find a few fish.  The day proved to be tough for everyone including the guys fishing the MBFN Tournament which
only had two limits from ninety contestants.  Hopefully, the weather and bite will be more favorable for the club's
next tournament on April 13th on Middle River.
January/February 2008

The club has going through some changes over the winter.  We lost five of our members, three of whom decided
to start a new club and one who is fishing BFL only.  Because of our lower numbers we decided to cancel our
annual award's banquet and re-group.  We will probably be looking for new members to add to our present
membership of nine.  More on that next month.
The new Safety Charmain is going to be Scott Dunlop.
Our 2008 Tx Schedule is complete.  Due to gasoline prices we have decided to cut our season down to eight tx's
and do away with our 2-day tx this year.  Check out our schedule:                                    
For the 19th straight year, in 2007, Tiderunner had 100% attendance at the Southern Region monthly meetings.