2006 & 2007 News
Winter 2007

The club finished another successful year with a "down to the wire" finish.  Roy Bolling eased past Adam Bolling
in the very last tx after Adam lead most of the year.  Chuck Doran came in a close third.  Check out the stats
pages to see final results for the year.  
The club is in the process of forming the 2008 schedule and winter banquet.  
The officers for 2008 are:  Walt Lechert - President & Treasurer; Mark Wilhite - Vice President; Scott Dunlop -
Secretary; and Denis Schanberger - Tx Director & Historian/Website.  The Safety Chairman is yet to be decided.
September 2007 Update

On August 25, 2007, Tiderunner Bassmasters, along with Crofton Meadows Home Owners Association,
sponsored the annual Crofton Kid's Tournament. All participants were treated to a morning of fishing, hot dogs
and sodas, and fishing tackle donated by Tiderunner members. Biggest Catfish winner was a 4 lb 9-1/2 oz brute
caught by Tommy Maporka. Top Bass weighed 1 lb 1-1/2 oz and was caught by Justin Bajor. Abbie Sabota took
top panfish prize with 18 fish. Tiderunner  co-sponsors this event each year as a way to give something back to
the community, and to introduce youngsters to the sport of fishing.
The Nanticoke Tx started with some apprehension since the river was inundated by fishermen pre-fishing all
week for the Regional TBF tx the following week.  But, all went well with Roy Bolling pulling off a close win with
Mark Wilhite, Denis Schanberger and Adam Bolling all within 1 1/2 lbs of the leader.  Roy ended up with 8 lb 11.5
ozs with Mark bringing in a 1 lb 12 oz lunker.  Needless to say, there were a lot of small fish around, but not many
big fish.
August 2007 Update

The Crofton Kid's Tx is coming up on Saturday, August 25th.  It runs from 8 to 4 and will have interactive activities
for the kids as well as the tx itself.  There are two age groups and everyone wins something.  The event is held at
the Crofton Meadows pond on Aberdeen Drive off of Liedel Road.
The Wicomico Tx went off without a hitch.  Adam Bolling had 5 keepers by 7:30, but got edged out for the top spot
by Dickie Whitacre who had 11-01.  Adam, who had the lunker of 3-06, came in second with 10-15.  Walt Lechert
was third with 7-09.  There were 36 fish caught for 66-11.
July 2007 Update

Not much going on this month with vacations and such.  Only one tx in July and it was on the mighty Choptank.  
Not many fish and most were small.  Good thing that the DNR is giving the Maryland Bass Federation 5,000 bass
to raise and put in the river.  On August 25th, Tiderunner is again assisting the Crofton Meadows Homeowners
Association with their annual kid's tournament.  The club which donates many give-away prizes will help the kids
during the tx, run the weigh-in and  give away prizes at the award's ceremony.  
June 2007 Update

Jim Adair, the Southern Region Conservation Chairman issued a challenge to all of the region's clubs to come up
with a conservation project.  Tiderunner rose to the occasion by deciding to do a trash clean-up of the Belle
Grove Ponds in Patapsco State Park.  Nine members showed up Wednesday night at 6pm on June 13th.  After
waiting thirty minutes for a storm to pass the guys got to work and collected twelve large trash bags full of trash.  
Also included in the trash were three tires, parts of a lawn chair and a metal frame.  See the pictures
May 2007 Update

How many times have you seen it happen --- a guy has boat trouble during a tx and is stuck fishing close to the
ramp and he wins the tx.  Well that's what happened to Adam on the flats.  On his way to the Sassafras his water
pump started to go and he had to fish close to the ramp by fishing in the back channel.  He ended up with 14+ lbs.
Good luck to the guys fishing in the SQT --- Andy, Adam and Chuck.  Because of the SQT and Mr. Bass there are
no club tx's in May.  The next tx is June 2 on the Potomac.  Kudos to Andy for the fine effort in his very first Mr.
Bass Tx.
April 2007 Update

Weather has not been a friend to Tiderunner.   After having bad weather at Falls Lake, the last thing the club
wanted was bad weather for our second tx.  But, you can't always get mother nature to oblige and as it turned out
we had to postpone our Potomac Tx until later in the year, if possible.  Everyone will be "biting at the bit" by the
time the next tx arrives on the Susquehanna Flats.
March 2007 Update

The club for the first tx of the year took their annual trek to Falls Lake, North Carolina.  As usual, we had a major
weather change the day after most of us arrived.  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were in the 80's, but
Thursday we woke up to driving rain and falling temperatures.  It rained over 2" and the temperature dropped
over 30°.  Only Dickie and his guest braved the elements and even they came in at mid-day.  Mid-day Saturday
the wind picked up to 20+ mph.  Needless to say the bite became tough, but even so, several nice fish were
brought to the scales.  There was a 6-14.5; a 6-14; a 6-05; and a 5-01 among the 13 fish weighed-in.  Our next tx
is April 7th out of Smallwood.    
February 2007 Update

The Annual Award's Banquet held at the Woodfire Restaurant in Severna Park was a big success.  All members
and their significant others were in attendance.  Plaques were awarded to Andy Zamostny for "Mr. Bass", Adam
Bolling for "Second Place", Scott Dunlop for "Heavy Stringer", Chuck Doran for "Lunker" and to all of the individual
tournament winners.
The club is accepting applications for non-boaters for 2007.  With most of the fishing shows in the past and the cold
weather keeping most of us off of the water, everyone is anxiously awaiting the March tournament on Falls Lake.
January 2007 Update

Officers & Chairs
President/Treasurer:  Walt Lechert
Vice President:  Jeff Coppage
Secretary:  Chuck Doran
Tx Chairman:  Tom Welsh
Safety Chairman:  Roy Bolling
Historian/Website:  Denis Schanberger

2007 Tx Schedule
3/17-18 (2-day) -- Falls Lake (NC)
4/7 -- Potomac (SM)
4/21 -- Susquehanna Flats (HDG)
6/2 -- Potomac (FW)
6/23 -- Middle River (WPP)
7/28 -- Choptank (D)
8/11 -- Wicomico
9/15 -- Nanticoke (S)
10/6 -- Sassafras (DM)
10/27 -- Potomac (SM)
August 2006 Update

On 8/26/2006, Tiderunner Bassmasters and Crofton Meadows Homeowners Association held the annual Crofton
Meadows Kids Tournament at Crofton Meadows Pond. A total of 58 youngsters participated, ranging in ages from 2
to 15 years old. Mother nature came through with a beautiful day for us. Live bait was once again donated by Mike’s
Bait House, and hot dogs and sodas were also provided to the participants by Crofton Meadows HOA. Cash prizes
were given by the Crofton Meadows HOA to the tournament winners, and all participants were given fishing tackle
donated by the Tiderunners Bassmasters. Top prize winners were Michael Bowman (1 lb 10-1/2 oz Largemouth
Bass), Brandon Robinson (4 lb 7-1/2 oz Catfish), and Jacob Peters (10 oz Crappie). This tournament is held each
year, and everyone has a great time. I’m not sure who has the most fun – the kids or the Tiderunner members! There’
s nothing so satisfying as the pride and excitement on the boys’ and girls’ faces when they bring a fish to the scales.
We’re already looking forward  to making next year’s event even better!
October 2006 Update

What beautiful weather for fishing on the Sassafras River . It was a cloudy, cold, rainy, breezy day with wind gusts
up to 30 miles an hour. It couldn’t get any better than that. But a few still managed to find fish.  Andy Zamostny won
the tournament with five fish weighing 11 lbs and 10 oz.  Andy won the lunker as well with 4 lbs 14.5 oz bass.  Tom
Welsh finished in second with five fish weighing 8 lbs.  Adam Bolling wrapping up third with four fish weighing 7 lbs
10.5 ozs.  The rest of us were able to find a few. Our next tournament, which is our last tournament for the year, will
be on the Rappahannock River in Virginia on October 21st,. Andy also is the leader in the club in points for Mr.
Bass, with Scott Dunlop and Tom Welsh in tied for second. Good luck to all three in the last tournament
November 2006 Update

Here are the highlights for Tiderunner’s last 2006 tournament. The tournament was located in Virginia on the
Rappahannock River.  The weather was agreeable except for a little wind; the river handles it well, although it can
be tough fighting the strong current and the wind at the same time.  Along with Tiderunner two other small Virginia
clubs were fishing their Classics on the river.  The only glitch of the day was that Denis forgot to bring his cameras,
so we had to shoot the winner’s pictures with a cell phone.
Everyone caught fish and Adam ended up winning the battle for the 2006 second place plaque.  The winner of the
tournament was Walt Lechert with a total of five fish weighing 13 lbs 1.5 oz.  He also had the lunker of 3 lbs 1 oz.  
Adam Bolling finished second with five weighing in at 8 lbs 3 oz.  And, third was Andy Zamostny with five fish
weighing in at 7 lbs 10 oz.  Andy Zamostny wrapped up the Mr. Bass title  for Tiderunner for the 2006 season.
Congratulation to Andy for winning Mr. Bass and having a great year (see his fish for the year by clicking on his
picture on the “home page
The club is now gearing for next year and is making plans for our award’s banquet at
the Woodfire restaurant in Severna Park on February 3rd.