1998 - 2005 News
November 2005 Update

As another bass fishing season comes an end, congratulation to Walt Lechart, club president, for winning Mr. Bass.
It was a close race between Walt, Chuck Doran and Denis Schanberger to the end in our last tournament at
Rappahanock River, Virginia. The final standings are 1st - Walt, 2nd - Chuck and 3rd -Denis. Congratulations to
Chuck and Denis for having a good year. Better luck next year to the rest of us. A quick overview in our last
tournament at the Rapp, cold!! Pretty much every one was able to find a bass hiding in there nice little warm wooden
cabin. A couple of smallmouth bass were weighed in.

Here is the list of winners of tournament for the 2005 seasons. Falls Lake, NC; Roy Bolling. Sassafras River;
canceled due to bad weather. Potomac River, Spring; Jeff King. Susquehanna River; Chuck Doran. Potomac River,
Summer; Walt Lechert. Choptank River; Andy Zamostny. Nanticoke River; Jeff King. Wicomico River; Roy Bolling.
Potomac River, Fall; Chuck Doran. Rappahannock River, VA; Walt Lechart. Congratulation to all of the tournament
winners. The lunker for the year goes to Chuck Doran with a bass weighing 9 lbs 3.5 oz at Falls Lake, NC. Check out
our web page for some great pictures of biggie size bass from our Falls Lake tournament. The bass size limit on
Falls Lake, NC is 16 inches. The heavy stringer title goes to Jeff King of 14 lbs 11.5 oz from Spring Potomac River

A couple of club activities transpired over the summer. The first one is the American Heroes Wounded Military
Members Fishing Tournament in Washington, D.C. in early June, hosted by Nova Bass Anglers, a Region 1, Virginia
BASS Federation, We were able to lend a hand to Nova Bass Angler by providing bass boats for our wounded
services men and women. Our wounded soldiers enjoyed the day of fishing and camaraderie, assisted by club
members. There were other clubs from the Maryland Bass Federation who also participated in this wonderful event.
My experience as well as other Tiderunner clubs member was gratifying and we can't wait to help out next year.

In August, we help The Crofton Homeowners Association host the annual Crofton Kids Tournament held in Crofton,
MD. The weather was hot and the kids had a great time. Lots of prizes were given away to many of the kids. From all
of us at Tiderunner Bassmasters, we wish every one a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Best of luck to all of
the bass anglers in the New Year!

March 2005 Update

Our first tournament of the 2005 seasons was on March 19th and 20th. It was on Falls Lake in North Carolina. It was
a two-day tournament. This lake is located about 10 minutes north of Raleigh, North Carolina. The weather was
pretty good on the two tournament days in the mid 60s on Saturday and Sunday. But, for the few of us in the club
who went down earlier during the week to ware off some cabin fever found some snowy weather. Made us wonder if
we had went north instead of south. The weather was freezing rain and sleet on Wednesday and Thursday with
snow in the morning. Actually a couple of fish were caught on those freezing days. As for the tournament Roy Bolling
finished in first place with 3 fish weighing16 lbs-10.5 oz. Rob Barth finished in second place with 3 fish weighing 14
lbs - 9.5 oz. In third place and lunker for the first day was Chuck Doran with 1 fish weighing 9 lbs - 3.5 oz. The
second day lunker went to Tom Welsh with 8 lbs-1 oz. our next tournament is on April 2nd. On the Upper Bay's
Sassafras River, we're hoping for warmer weather.

February 13, 2005

We just finished holding our annual winter award's banquet at the Valley Inn on Falls Road. Attendance was good
with all but one sick member attending with their significant others. In all, ten plaques plus five framed pictures were
awarded to various members. Among the plaques awarded was our annual "Member of the Year" award which went
to very deserved member, Chuck Doran. This will be Chuck's 13th year in the club. The food and conversation were
well received and we all look forward to next year's banquet. Our 2005 schedule is set with ten tournaments and all
of our officers remain the same as in 2004. During the upcoming summer we will again for the tenth season help run
the Crofton Kid's Tournament. We have added two new members, Dickie Whitacre and John Ingram, for the
upcoming year while losing Tom Walker who has moved to Louisiana. Our membership is now at fourteen. Our first
tournament is on Falls Lake in Creedmore, North Carolina for two days on March 19th and 20th.

Federation Update June 2004

We had are annual banquet in the February to crown our 2003 Mr. Bass winner Roy Bolling. I'll tell you he is a tough
competitor, I'll bet you he could find a bass in mud puddle in your back yard. Congratulations to Roy on a job well
done. Congratulations to Scott Dunlop for being the runner up in 2003 season. We also elected three new officers in
our club, Vice President Jeff Coppage, Secretary/Treasurer Rob Barth and Tournament Chairman Denise
Schanberger. Congratulation to those three and we know they will serve our club well. We also like to welcome our
newest member Jack Lowery. We selected the Lake and Rivers to fish for the 2004 season and they are Falls Lake
NC, Potomac River (twice), Susquehanna Flats, Dundee Creek, Sassafras River, Chester River, Choptank River,
Nanticoke River and Wicomico River. Our first tournament will be held at Falls Lake NC at the end of March. A few of
us got together and went to Bassaramma in Richmond, VA. It was my first trip to the show and I was impressed. For
the 2004 season we would like to wish all good luck and be safe on the waters.

Here is our result for the first five tournaments for the 2004 year.

1. Falls Lake, North Carolina; Chuck Doran won the two the day tournament with 3 fish weighing at 11 lbs 3.5 oz.
Also he won lunker weighing in at 5 lbs 13 oz. Finishing in second was Tom Welsh with 3 fish weighing in at 8 lbs
8.5oz. This is a beautiful lake. Weather on the first day was great and the second we had to deal with 20 miles hour
winds from the north. Fishing was tough but a few of us mange to bag some fish.
2. Potomac River, Fort Washington; Again, Chuck Doran was finish in first place with 3 fish weighing in 7 lbs 15 oz. In
second place was Roy Bolling with 3 fish weighing in at 6 lbs 6 oz. Tom Walker won the lunker with 3 lbs 8.5 oz. Jack
Lowery would have won this tournament, but suffer a penalty with a short fish. Again fishing was tough and no limit
brought into the scales yet this year.
3. Susquehanna Flats, Havre De Grace; Couldn't ask for better weather in the morning, beautiful weather but those
15 inches where hard to find. Jeff King won his first tournament and a Tiderunner club member. Congratulations
Jeff! Jeff King won this tournament with 3 fish with the combine weight of 10 lbs 1.5 oz. He also won lunker of 4 lbs.
Jeff says he caught his fish throwing plastic up in the weeds and stumps on the shoreline. In second was Roy Bolling
with 7 lbs 8.5 oz.
4. Dundee Creek, Gunpowder State Park; Hey it is 12 inches now, gee didn't help much at least for me. I caught 12
bass first thing around the marina and none would measure 12 inches. But Denis Schanberger manage squeeze a
win in with 3 fish at 7 lb 3 oz and lunker of 3 lbs 15 oz. Finishing in second is Tom Walker with 4 fish of 6 lbs 8oz.
5. Choptank River, Denton; Great summer weather, not too hot!!! Congratulation to Rob Barth for winning his first
tournament since becoming a member of our club. Rob Barth won this tournament with 4 fish weighing in at 8 lbs 6.5
oz. Also he won lunker with 3 lbs 7 oz. Roy Bolling finish in second with the first limit of the year 5 fish weighing in at
8 lbs.

Congratulations to Tom Welsh for making the State Team through the State Qualifying Tournament in May 2004.

Other club news, we are gearing for the annual Crofton's kid Tournament on August 14, 2004.

Federation Update September 2002
Going into our final 3 Tx's, the top 3 spots were held by Roy Bolling, Walt Lechert & Chuck Doran in that order.
All 3 would have to fish consistently to have a shot at Mr Bass. 1st stop was the Nanticoke River. Roy Bolling was 1
of 2 people to catch a limit and won the Tx with 9lb 5.5oz. He also had lunker of the day at 3lb 11oz. Tom Welsh with
his best showing of the year netted the other limit and finished second with 8lb 14.5oz. Dennis Schanberger who was
fourth overall going into this Tx, finished third with 4 fish weighing 7lb 4oz. Our next TX took us south into Virginia to
fish the Rappahannock River. Everyone seemed to struggle throughout the day & fish were hard to come by.
Using a very precise & slow presentation, Walt Lechert was able to boat 4 keepers that weighed 7lb 10oz and
take first lace. Roy Bolling turned in another solid performance bringing 5 fish to the scales weighing 6lb 10oz and
taking second place. This would make him the man to beat going into the final Tx. Taking third was Chuck Doran
with 2 fish weighing 3lb 90z. Our final Tx of the year was held on the Potomac River. The fog was thick as we blasted
off out of Goose Bay Marina but eventually gave way to a beautiful fall day. Roy Bolling was in the lead for Mr Bass
and as long as he finished ahead of Walt Lechert, he would reclaim Mr Bass for 2002. Tom Welsh was top dog on
this day with 5 fish weighing 9lb 10oz. A distant second was Chuck Doran with 3 fish weighing 4 lb 110z and Chris
Wieland would finish a close third with 2 fish weighing 4lb 10.5oz. After all was said & done, Roy Bolling finished
in first place and is Mr Bass 2002 with 171 pts. Walt Lechert finished in second place with 166 pts and Chuck Doran
finished third with 165 pts. Now that the Tx season is over, we we will begin to focus our attention on 2003. We will
elect our new club officials and have our annual awards dinner. See everybody next year.

Federation Update May 2002
For those of you who weren't lucky enough to be fishing on April 6, let me set the stage for our 1st Tx of the year on
the Potomac. We arrived at Fort Smallwood State Park around 5:30 & almost hit a deer on the road to the parking
lot. The temperature was hovering around 32 degrees and of all things, it started to snow. The icing on the cake was
the 15-30 mile an hour winds that keep most people in the creek.
So goes spring fishing on the Potomac. However, the day did improve and as always, someone finds the fish. Roy
Bolling finished 1st with
5 fish weighing 13lb 1oz. Sliding into 2nd place was Chuck Doran with 2 fish weighing 5lb 3oz. Chuck also had lunker
for the day at 3lb 2oz. Walt Lechert finished 2 scales behind in 3rd place with 2 fish weighing 5lb 2oz.

Through the rest of April, the weather continued to improve & warm up. That is until the last week of April. All week,
the nights were cold and the days were luke warm. The fish seemed to disappear from where they were just days
ago. We fished the Susquehanna Flats with minimal results. Chuck Doran fared the best with 3 fish weighing 9lb
13oz. He also had lunker for the Tx at 5lb 1/2oz. Walt Lechert finished in 2nd place with 3 fish weighing 8lb 15 1/2oz.
Winding up in 3rd was Denis Schanberger with 2 fish weighing 4lb 13oz. Not quite what we expected but you know
the old saying about work & fishing.

Our next Tx will be a 2 day event on Kerr
reservoir in June. It should be a great Tx.

Federation Update March 2001
Tiderunner closed out the 2000 fishing season with it's year end banquet on January 27 at The Valley Inn. It was a
great evening with fisherman and their better halves!!! We feasted on crab imperial, prime rib and crab cakes!!
Though everyone is anxious for the 2001 season to start, Mother Nature continues to surprise us with colder
weather and end of winter snow storms. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We will start the season off with a visit to the chilly
Potomac River at the end of March. This could prove to be a little tricky! Next we will fish the Susquehenna Flats in
early May and the Chickahominy in early June. Good luck and good fishing this year.

Federation Update December 2000
Going into our final two tournaments of the year, anyone with aspirations of being Mr. Bass other than, Roy Bolling,
were looking for a miracle. After fishing the Rappahannock, not even a miracle would help. Finishing in 1st place with
5 fish weighing 6lb14oz was in fact, Roy Bolling. In 2nd place with 4 fish weighing 6lb2oz was Walt Lechert and
rounding out the trio in 3rd place with 3 fish weighing 5lb71/2oz was Chris Wieland. With every ones attention now
solely on second place, several guys were in the hunt. This final tournament would make or break it for Walt Lechert
and Chuck Doran. A strong tournament by either would earn them second place for the year. Our last tournament
was on the Nanjemoy. In first place with 8lbs12oz was Jeff Wagner; 2nd place went to Roy Bolling with 8lb8oz and in
3rd place was Chris Wieland with 8lb7oz. Lunker for the tournament was caught by Chuck Doran and weighed in at
3lbs even. Final standings for the year 2000 are as follows:
Roy Bolling - Mr. Bass with 183 points
Walt Lechert - 2nd place with 156 points
Chuck Doran - 3rd place with 154 points and BIG STRINGER of the year with 11 pounds
9oz. as well as BIG FISH weighing 5lbs2oz
Our newly elected officers for 2001 remain the same. Walt Lechert is President, Mark Wilhite, Vice-President, Joe
McAdams is Secretary/Treasurer and Chuck Doran is our Tournament Director.
CONGRATS to all in our club on a successful 2000 season. See ya next year!

Federation Update, January 2000
Tiderunner closed out another good year and will conclude the 99 season with our awards banquet in February.
The final Standings for the year were as follows: Roy Bolling won the Mr. Bass title finishing first with 207 points and
72lbs 13oz of fish caught. In second place was Joe McAdams with 186.5 points and 54lbs 14ozs. Big fish honors
went to Leo Kelm with a fish weighing 5lbs 12ozs. Big Stringer went to Roy Bolling with 5 fish weighing 12lbs. Both
honors were achieved this year at the Choptank River. Our club recently held it's election of officers for the year
2000. Walt Lechert is our President, Mark Wilhite our Vice President, Joe McAdams our treasurer/secretary and
Chuck Doran will be our new tournament director. Tiderunner hopes to be involved in a variety of activities this year
which will include a youth tournament. We are in the process of finalizing our schedule and look forward to fishing in
the new year.

Federation Update, February 1999
Coming into September, Tiderunner had two tournaments remaining It was beginning to look like a two man race for
Mr. Bass. Neither Roy Bolling or Joe McAdams could afford to miss a fish. On September 2nd, we fished the
Rappahanock River. The results were not as good as last year but everyone caught fish. Walt Lechert finished 1st
with 10 lbs. 13 ozs. A distant 2nd was Larry Milanovich with 7 lbs. 5 ozs. and closing out the trio was Roy Bolling with
5 lbs. 6 ozs. Joe McAdams was right behind Roy with a 4th place finish. Lunker for the tournament was 3 lbs. 12 ozs.
caught by Walt Lechert Our final tournament of the year was held on the Nanjemoy River. 1st place went to Jerry
Lauterbach with a total weight of 10 lbs. 11 ozs. He also had lunker for the tournament at 4 lbs. 11 oz. Second place
went to Joe McAdams with 10 lbs. 10 ozs. and 3rd place went to Roy Bolling with 7 lbs. 12 ozs. Remarkably, after all
points were totaled, we had a tie for first place and third place. Our clubs first tie breaker was total weight for the
year - the difference between 1st and 2nd was 2 lbs. 13 ozs. Finishing in 1st place and earning the title of Mr. Bass
was Roy Bolling. Second place for the year went to Joe McAdams and third place went to Walt Lechert after the tie
breaker with Jeff Wagner. Big fish honors go to Mark Wilhite with a 5 lb. 6 oz. lunker. Heavy stringer of the year went
to Walt Lechert with 5 fish weighing 10 lbs. 13 ozs. Congratulations to Roy Bolling and good luck representing our
club in the 1999 Mr. Bass tournament. Congratulations also go out to Dennis Schanberger, Chuck Doran and Joe
McAdams who made the cut for the SQT

Federation Update, October 1998
Tiderunner was busy this summer fishing two tournaments each in July and August. This is due in part to the timing
of the RSQT and the fact that is is hard for our club to come up with 10 non-conflicting days for tournaments. On
July 11th we fished the Dundee River. Joe McAdams had a solid day catching 5 fish weighing 8lbs. 14oz and finished
first. Coming in a close second was Jack Love with 5 fish weighing 8lb 2oz. Finishing out the trio was Jeff Wagner
with 5 fish weighing 7lb 1oz. No lunker over 3lbs was caught. Our second tournament in July was on the Chester
River. Roy Bolling not only finished first with 5 fish weighing 9lbs 5ozs but also caught the lunker of the tournament
with a 3lb 7oz fish. Second place went to Chuck Doran with 3 fish weighing 6lbs 8ozs. Third place was Joe McAdams
with 4 fish weighing 6lbs 14ozs. Moving into August our first tournament was on the Choptank. Joe McAdams
continued to put pressure on the rest of the club by finishing first with 4 fish weighing 6lbs 12ozs. Up to the challenge
was Roy Bolling finishing second with 4 fish weighing 5lbs 10ozs. In third was Denis Schanberger with 2 fish weighing
3lbs. The end of August we fished our Mystery tournament. At the muster site each member wrote down where they
wanted to fish and the location of the tournament was drawn out of a hat. This meant there was no pre-fishing
before the tournament. This year the river picked was the Nanticoke. Walt Lechert ran away from the pack finishing
first with 5 fish weighing 10lbs 8ozs. Roy Bolling finished a distant second with 4 fish weighing 5lbs 14ozs. Rounding
third was Denis Schanberger with 3 fish weighing 4lbs. No lunker over 3lbs was caught so our lunker pot rolled over
and is sizable.
Our club has 3 tournaments remaining on the Nanticoke (again), the Rappahanock and the Nanjemoy. Going onto
these tournaments Joe McAdams is in first place with 114 points. Roy Bolling is a close second with 107 points and
Jeff Wagner is in third with 100.5 points. Mark Wilhite still holds lunker at 5lbs 6ozs and Walt Lechert has taken over
heavy stringer with 10lbs 8ozs. Everyone is looking forward to cooler temperatures and better action as we move
into the fall.

Federation Update, June 1998
Heading into the latter part of spring, Tiderunner has fished 2 tournaments. Weather continues to be an uncertain
variable even as we move through the month of May. Our first tournament of the year was on the Wicomico in late
March. Though many fish were caught. keepers were hard to come by. Mark Wilhite finished first with 2 fish weighing
7 lbs. 5 ozs. He also weighed in the first lunker of the year at 5 lbs. 6 ozs. In second place was Jerry Lauterbach with
one fish weighing 3 lbs. 8 ozs. and finishing third was Jeff Wagner with one fish weighing 2 lbs. 10 ozs. Our second
tournament of the season was held on the Potomac River. Though the mornings weather was uneventful. most of
the members spent the afternoon dodging thunderstorms. In first place was Jerry Lauterbach with four fish totaling 9
lbs even. Second place went to Leo Kelm with two fish weighing 5 lbs. 14 ozs. and Jack Love rounded out the trio
with the lunker of the day weighing 4 lbs. 2 ozs. In the next few months, we will fish a two day tournament on the
Chickahominy and two regular tournaments on the Dundee and Chester Rivers. One can only hope the weather will
become less of a factor down the road.

Federation Update, March 1998
Returning from a one issue vacation, Tiderunner is back strong and eagerly awaiting the 1998 season. Our officers
for this year are Walt Lechert as President, Mark Wilhite as Vice President, Denis Schanberger as our Tournament
Director and Joe McAdams as Secretary/treasurer. Three other positions held in our club are Chuck Doran as
Historian, Roy Bolling as Safety Director and Jeff Wagner as our Southern Region Representative. Our 1998
schedule is set and our first three tournaments will take us to the Wicomico, Potomac and Chickahominy Rivers. We
will have only one 2 day tournament this year on the Chickahominy. Once again we will be having a Mystery
Tournament which we will pick the place of the tournament on that morning. This year we will take it one step further
and rotate three disposable cameras among different boats during the tournaments. This will hopefully give us more
shots of our club members in action. The albums we put together also represent a glimpse of what our club is all
about. One final note, Tiderunner Bassmasters is looking to expand it's membership. We have opening for boaters
for the '98 season and anyone interested should contact our President Walt Lechert at (410) 437-6112, submit our
on-line application or email us.